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Injection moldings

Customized solutions for unique templates with full technical adjustment

Injection moldings are widely used in industry for their flexibility, and for the surface and dimensional quality they give the product. They enable you to achieve full fidelity to the technical specifications, features, and image of an item. Bosch develops injection moldings for engineering polymers and other materials. They are geometrically and dimensionally highly complex parts, integrated with advanced features and customized for various segments.

Injection moldings

Template types

Thermoplastic injection moldings

Technology for the best use of raw materials and high product quality

Thermoplastic injection moldings differ in terms of the type of raw material needed for work. Materials with thermoset or thermoplastic properties, which have a higher mechanical strength, are manufactured. The polymer is heated up to become liquid and fill in the template. After the cycle time, the injection template opens and the product is ready, according to the technical specification and design of each company and demand.

More quality when shaping plastic parts

Bosch solutions for thermoplastic moldings are developed according to the requirement and technical specification of the product to be manufactured. They are designed to achieve the best in quality, without waste or faults in the production process, so that the raw material is worked correctly and precisely as the process requires, without waste.

  • Various applications
  • Technical suitability
  • Reduction of waste
  • More quality

Family injection moldings

Tailor your project to new products or design changes

Bosch develops innovative technical solutions in molding for companies from various segments. Meets all technical specifications required by the customer by offering complete alignment of the requested scope. With this strategy, Bosch optimizes the production of multiple parts in a single template; At the same time, optimizing injection cycles with the ease of using the template on a single injection molding machine.

Freedom to create and change when needed

Changes to an initial project may be required due to various factors, whether a new standard, sector requirement, for safety, or volume changes, among others. The family-style injection molds offered by Bosch make this process of adjusting simple, providing the freedom to create new items from an old one, or move when needed or convenient.

  • Suitability of features
  • Improve already executed projects
  • Cost saving

Rotary core extraction templates

Ideal for production processes in products that have thread systems in their geometry

Once the injection cycle has finished, the generated product can be extracted from the injection mold quite simply. It only opens so that gravity exerts its force and extracts the finished item. However, in some cases gravity cannot be harnessed for this purpose, or its action could damage the product. Whether for one of these or more reasons, a mechanical process would be more efficient. Rotary core extraction is the alternative for this step to also be performed with the aid of the technology.

Mechanical ejection system applicable for different inserts

Mechanical extraction is a solution that Bosch offers for injection moldings. It consists of a system consisting of a rotating core, the purpose of which is precisely to rotate, to eject the product from inside the template. Like other Bosch solutions, this is a technology that can be used by different sectors of the industry, tailored to the template you want to optimize.

  • Process mechanization
  • Sensitive and scheduled extraction

Injection moldings with quick cycle

A system that keeps pace with the performance of your production

A company with high demand needs to produce a large amount in next to no time. Therefore, all of the steps in your production process must be taken swiftly. The rapid-cycle injection molding is the ideal solution for this type of need since the entire step is taken faster than usual. The template is manufactured by Bosch in such a way that the raw material quickly fills the cavity; Your heating takes place in less time, like the cooling step. As a result, the volume produced is higher, ensuring continuity and the pace of production.

Fast and safe work

Bosch solutions are designed by engineers to meet the technical specifications of each company. The team of experts is also aware of regulations and legislations to ensure that the technology in use is safe, while maintaining the quality of the items that are produced. Therefore, quick cycle injection moldings bring agility safely and meet company standards.

  • Agile and efficient production
  • More safety and quality

Injection mouldings

A technology for products with metal inlays

Some demands require plastic products that combine properties from other different materials. The goal is to deliver endurance improvement, weight, and cost reduction beyond optimization in assembly processes. This process is used a lot in plastic parts, which must be connected to cables or whips when the final product is formed.

Wins for your process

Reduction of waste

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Cost saving

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Agile and efficient production


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